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We are a newly formed all female barbershop group within Edinburgh University A Cappella Society. With over 14 cumulative years experience shared between us in a cappella, we are no strangers to a harmony or two, and we look forward to bringing you a few familiar tunes. We are also available to hire for events, please drop us a message via social media for details!

Our Members


🎵Sweet Caroline! Da da da!🎵

Meet this wonderful 4th year chemistry student from Cambridge. A girl of many talents, Caroline is a boss at music, sport, name it, this gal can do it (I’ve never seen her draw but I bet she’s annoyingly good at that too!) Almost guaranteed, if you’ve ever been in Pleasance gym, chances are she was there too (unless it’s all a lie and she’s actually just stalking me lol). After 4 years of a cappella prior to university and having now created and MDed The Edinbellas for 3 years, she has now graciously extended her a cappella talent into Fourtissimo, where her lovely dulcet soprano completes our harmonies.


Flora is a fourth-year medical student from Somerset, and one of the MDs of the Edinbellas! Flora has slotted into the position of lead within our barbershop with no difficulty at all, however she has definitely taken up arranging with even less trouble. With a newfound love of writing harmonies serving as a fantastic form of procrastination she is becoming famous for delivering whatever we fancy in record time. Some of these stunning arrangements include God Only Knows, Seaside Rendezvous and Mr Sandman. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough she also provides us with the best baked snacks for Sunday morning rehearsals! Just in case you want to know a little more about the so wholesome Flora, her favourite song is “Love Really Hurts Without You”.



Caitlin is a 4th year music student. Her outstanding musical abilities precede her, and have seen her directing 5* Fringe shows, Edinburgh Gang Show, Footlights performances, and involved in her very own 3-piece ceilidh band as the fiddler! As for a cappella experience, the Shirley Tempos have been lucky enough to have this star as their musical director for 3 years – how DOES she do it all? This woman’s work ethic is unbelievable, and all-the-while she maintains an amazing bubbly attitude. Her barbershop compositions push ourselves to be better, with I’ve Got Rhythm, Samson and Can’t Help Falling in Love quickly becoming favourites of our repertoire. I guess all that's left to ask is can you help falling in love with her?


Bess is our (buttery biscuit) bass, and is always landed with the complicated bass lines we don't want to sing. Bess brings ample a cappella experience alongside her super cool vibe, as her musical talents extend to being MD of The Shirley Tempos (although her arrangements for fourtissimo tend to mysteriously disappear…?). Bess brings the fun to rehearsal, and is the frequent initiator of our laughing fits (follow our Instagram for weekly updates on this).

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