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Noteorious is a mixed, non-competition group and EUAC's oldest established group. This group goes from strength to strength, last year winning the inter-society competition in the non-competition group round and an Outstanding Award for choreography as well as performing at the EUSA Teaching Awards and a Pink Week Ball, recording its best songs, and singing a wider range of songs to add to its impressive repertoire.
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In Noteorious, we are proud of our tight-knit family vibe which encourages everyone to reach their potential, to encourage and support those who are out of their comfort zone but still giving it their all, and to have a great time singing together! Despite being the oldest group in EUAC, we are always learning from each other, and welcome new talent and fresh perspectives to help us get better and better every year.
Singing beautifully and performing spectacularly is important to us, but also Noteorious is famed for its enormous potlucks, endless photoshoots, crowd-gathering busking on the streets of Edinburgh, brunches and coffee dates, picnics and walks up Arthur's Seat,  jamming outside of rehearsal time, movie watching, Secret Santa and Secret Bunny gifting, Noteorious cards against humanity, drama games and new warm-ups every week, as well as supporting each other in our other extra-curricular performances and events! 
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