End of Semester Competition Promotional Video 2018

Promotional video featuring all of our groups!

Tickets: https://bit.ly/2Dy3GEx

Credit: Hamish Coles 

Looking back at 2018

A throwback video to all the exciting things EUAC did in 2018!

Credit: Akua Crankson

Voice Festival UK 2018 Finalists - Licence to Trill

Song 1: Runaway/Latch
Song 2: Parting Glass
Song 3: Funk It Up
Choreo: Zoe Hutber
Musical Directors: Imogen Drummond and Sarah McDonald

Voice Festival UK 2018 Finalists - Tone Up

Song 1: Tribute
Song 2: New York
Song 3: 500 Miles
Choreo: Hannah Barnetson 
Musical Directors: Jo Moore, Fraser Hume & Alex Shen
Outstanding Overall Performance and Outstanding Soloist (Fraser Hume)

End of Semester Showcase Promotional Video 2019

Promotional video featuring all of our groups!

Credit: Hamish Coles 

Tone Up - New York

Tone Up's fabulous single, a medley of the best songs about New York

Voice Festival 2017 - Tone Up

Tone Up successfully auditioned for the Voice Festival UK 2017 hosted in London, and made it through to the finals

SACC 2017 - Licence to Trill

Licence to Trill made an explosive debut at SACC 2017 by winning 2nd place

SACC 2016 - Tone Up

Tone Up made its competitive debut at SACC 2016 and after only 2 months singing together were awarded an Outstanding Award for Choreography and Vocal Percussion

Tone Up - Game of Tones

My Heart With You

Wedding (2015) - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

SACC 2017 - Tone Up

One of EUAC's first performances in 2015: Get Around