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A collection of some videos of our groups performing. For more videos check out our youtube channel, groups pages and other social media!

End of Semester 1 Showcase 'The Show Must Go On' 2020

A charity live stream containing music from all of our groups along with some performances from other societies

End of Semester Showcase Promotional Video 2019

Promotional video featuring all of our groups!

Credit: Hamish Coles 

End of Semester Competition Promotional Video 2018

Promotional video featuring all of our groups!


Credit: Hamish Coles 

Looking back at 2018

A throwback video to all the exciting things EUAC did in 2018!

Credit: Akua Crankson

Voice Festival UK 2018 Finalists - Licence to Trill

Song 1: Runaway/Latch
Song 2: Parting Glass
Song 3: Funk It Up
Choreo: Zoe Hutber
Musical Directors: Imogen Drummond and Sarah McDonald

Voice Festival UK 2018 Finalists - Tone Up

Song 1: Tribute
Song 2: New York
Song 3: 500 Miles
Choreo: Hannah Barnetson 
Musical Directors: Jo Moore, Fraser Hume & Alex Shen
Outstanding Overall Performance and Outstanding Soloist (Fraser Hume)

Tone Up - New York

Tone Up's fabulous single, a medley of the best songs about New York

Voice Festival 2017 - Tone Up

Tone Up successfully auditioned for the Voice Festival UK 2017 hosted in London, and made it through to the finals

SACC 2017 - Licence to Trill

Licence to Trill made an explosive debut at SACC 2017 by winning 2nd place

SACC 2016 - Tone Up

Tone Up made its competitive debut at SACC 2016 and after only 2 months singing together were awarded an Outstanding Award for Choreography and Vocal Percussion

Tone Up - Game of Tones

My Heart With You

Wedding (2015) - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

SACC 2017 - Tone Up

One of EUAC's first performances in 2015: Get Around

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